Polka Dots, Orange Heels & a Sugar High

Halloween was 11 days ago, yet I still find myself digging through the leftover candy. Hard candy and no-brand lollipops are an easy fix for a quick sugar high. Unfortunately, there was no dressing up for me this year, but I made an attempt of dressing up my cousin in Halloween colors. The only day of the year this color combination should be allowed to be worn together, according to a very good friend of mine.



Pumpkin Patch Fun!

What's one thing I love about fall? I won't say everything pumpkin (even though it's 100% true), but a good 'ol pumpkin patch always brings a smile to my face. The pumpkin patch I visit every year added a short zip line, and of course, I had to convince my cousin to get on.

"Do it for the thrill!" I said. Oh the sacrifices of being a model for Veronica Glam.

A few moments of hesitation later, she was zip lining over the pumpkin patch like a pro!

With a heat wave scheduled to hit later this week, we were lucky to experience weather in the 80s. Perfect to walk around, eat, get lost in the corn maze, eat, visit the petting zoo, eat, play games, eat, shop and most importantly, eat. Enjoy the photos from Sunny California!



Fall, you say?

Nothing like a 99 degree weather to welcome fall. I must say, even for So. Cal, the weather is out of control! Looks like sweater weather will not be making it's debut any time soon, therefore, I felt compelled to snap some photos portraying Cali's real fall weather.

If you think this outfit (including the bicycle) looks all too familiar, you are right...Daniela from Nany's Klozet posted this same outfit on her blog titled Retro Biking over a year ago. Inspiration is key when it comes to styling, but this time, I could not help but to purchase the same exact play suit from ROMWE. Although this play suit is no longer available on the website, I found a vendor on Etsy that custom makes play suits very similar to the one featured on this post.

My cousin Daniela is visiting from Mexico, and given her svelte figure, I've hired her to be my model. Isn't she fab? ...and yes, her hair is THAT long!



Skin SOS

I have a confession to make. I have neglected my skin, and I have the breakouts to prove it. Given my history with acne and skincare treatments as seen here, here, and here, I can't afford to get lazy. As much as I want to follow my skincare regimen religiously every day and night, at times, I simply want to throw in the towel. Three words: It's HARD work.



Morton Peak

The aftermath.

When my friend Sophia called me on Saturday evening to confirm our hiking trip the next morning, I was overwhelmingly excited about my first official hiking trip, that I went to bed early. 6:30pm...EARLY. That's a morning person for you. As my body naturally awoke at 3:47am on Sunday morning, I thought maybe my body had exaggerated a tad bit in falling asleep at that time.
As I made my way to Morton Peak, I could not help but to enjoy the scenic route getting there. I appreciate nature, but truthfully, I don't consider myself the outdoor-sy type. Maybe that will change, maybe? While hiking the 3 miles to the top of the peak, bobcats, rattle snakes, and lizards where all in the back of my mind. What were we to do if we were attacked?! Oh just the thought gave me the heebie-jeebies, but having my friend with me and seeing other hikers along the path, gave me some peace.
It took us one hour to get to the top, and once there the view was incredible. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to do this gain. In fact, we will be hiking Forest Falls very soon! 
The entire experience was fun and worthy of repetition.
On my To-Do list?
Hiking boots & a weapon for precautionary purposes. 



Contando estrellas en Paris...

Love is in the air, now wave your hands like you just don't care! Wait....is that how it goes? Ok, no...but truly, love has been all around me recently. My good friend Sophia (check out her blog here) recently tied the knot, a good friend of mine just got engaged, another friend found her match, and the list goes on and on. Love is something beautiful, isn't it? It sweeps you off your feet when you LEAST expect it. So cliché, I know, but given that this Friday is Valentine's Day, it's totally ok to be a bit cheesy and corny.

Now if only Paris can come sweep me off my feet, now that would be amazing...I'm still waiting, Paris...please don't take too long.

What did I want to accomplish with this outfit? Well, not too sure, but I wanted to have fun with it. I am not the girl to pick out an outfit the night before, I get up in the morning and randomly select garments in my closet that catch my eye. Today, this tulle skirt was screaming for me to take it out for a twirl and be "gone with the wind fabulous!" How did I do?

Here's to hoping that you have a lovely week, with lots of chocolates and flowers. If you don't want the chocolates, please send them my way.



...and the Oscar goes to...Instructions Not Included!

Esperemos que mi título se convierta en realidad, porque esta película definitivamente se lo merece.

La noche del lunes 26 de agosto fue intima, mágica, y exitosa.
Fui invitada por Latina Bloggers Connect para ver la tan esperada película de Eugenio Derbez, No se aceptan devoluciones o en inglés, Instructions Not Included. Al igual que yo, estaban unas 30-40 personas esperando en el lobby de Lionsgate en Santa Monica, California.
Mientras seguíamos esperando, no pensé mucho en la película. En realidad, no tenía muchas expectativas. No porque pensaba que no me iba a gustar, pero porque quería ver la película con mi mente en blanco. Quería absorber cada palabra, cada oración, cada detalle, cada risa, cada lágrima, cada chiste, cada sentimiento transmitido a través de la pantalla.
Nos dieron la señal de que podíamos entrar a la sala. La película empezaba,  yo me recliné y me deje llevar por un guion al que se le invirtió doce años.
Al terminar la película, encendieron las luces y Eugenio Derbez se presentó. En realidad, esta película me dejo IMPACTADA. ¡Por fin! Una película de calidad, una película que tiene sustancia, una película que hecha a un lado lo superficial y se concentra en enfocarse realmente en el amor de un padre y su hija. Eugenio Derbez nos compartió que esta película fue un proceso de doce años. No fue facil, pero definitivamente el gran trabajo y esfuerzo estuvo más que presente en toda la película. Eugenio brilló.

¿Qué puedo decir de Loreto? Una niña hermosísima, que hizo un papel excelente a lado de Eugenio. ¿Sabían que el papel de Maggie fue escrito para un niño? A continuación los dejo con algunas de las preguntas que se les hicieron a Eugenio y a Loreto, los protagonistas de Instructions Not Included.



50 Random Facts About Me

    1. In 1985, my then five-year-old aunt's best friend was named Veronica, hence my name.
    2. I named my baby brother after my TV show actor crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
    3. My Mom pressured me to wear makeup. "Make your small eyes stand out a little." Thanks Mom.
    4. I do NOT like stuffed animals. What is their purpose?
    5. I have the biggest sweet tooth in the history of the world.
    6. I do not know how to write in cursive, I only know how to sign my name and even that I would not consider it cursive.
    7. I blocked High School from my memory.
    8. I still have one baby tooth (Lower Central Incisor).
    9. I have two teeth implants, they never grew in (Both Upper Lateral Incisors).
    10. I had my tonsils removed when I was ten.
    11. The first concert I attended was Jaguares.
    12. When I get excited, I sound like Mariah Carey...as in, my voice gets super high pitched, even dogs begin to bark.
    13. Jimmy Fallon is my platonic love.
    14. I do NOT like being the center of attention. Truth.
    15. I did not attend my MBA Commencement Ceremony.
    16. Cooking does not interest me, but eating sure does!
    17. I get carsick very easily, I prefer driving.
    18. My first job was being a 411 operator.
    19. My first kiss was at 19.
    20. I dislike having full conversations via text, just call me.
    21. I have a red birthmark that covers my entire right leg, from my right buttock all the way down to my toes.
    22. I celebrated by 22nd birthday in Cuzco, Peru.
    23. I had sinus surgery when I was 12 years old.
    24. I celebrated my 24th birthday in Tecalitlan, Jalisco, MEX.
    25. One time in Vegas (this never ends well, right?), I had a paparazzi moment...a show I had attended had finished, I was waiting in the lobby and people thought I was the girl in the show. Flashing lights everywhere...please refer to Fact#14.
    26. I auditioned to be a VJ for LATV...and have video to prove it!
    27. I've lost count of how many weddings I've been a part of. I might just be cast for 27 Dresses the sequel.
    28. This is my age.
    29. I've been in four car accidents.
    30. My guitar has been signed by Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Bibi Marin (Reik), Jesus Navarro (Reik), Julio Eguia (Reik), and Jesse y Joy (Spanish Pop Duo).
    31. I would love to meet Thalia one day.
    32. I love banda and mariachi music.
    33. I have a BAD case of arachnophobia...so bad, everyone believes I need therapy.
    34. I can watch all scary movies except...The Exorcist. I think I need therapy for this too, no kidding.
    35. When I was 4, I made the restroom my beauty salon and bribed my sister into cutting her hair. The salon went out of business shortly after.
    36. I think in Spanish, I dream in Spanish, I communicate better in Spanish, in fact, my computer, phone, everything electronic must be switched to the Spanish language.
    37. I was the first in my family to graduate college.
    38. My first plane flight was to Hawaii to celebrate 4th of July with my sister and friends 9 years ago.
    39. I am afraid of heights but LOVE rollercoasters!
    40. Born in Mexico, raised in SoCal.
    41. I'm a huge Anjelah Johnson fan.
    42. I LOVE to sing in my car.
    43. The best michelada I've tasted was in Aguascalientes, Mexico at the Feria Nacional de San Marcos.
    44. I am seeing Sara Bareilles for the first time in concert this September!
    45. I love spending time alone.
    46. I wish I lived in Disneyland.
    47. I've always wanted to be serenaded, just like the old movies in Mexico.
    48. I went to acting school.
    49. I am addicted to coconut milk tea boba.
    50. My favorite flower is the Oriental Lilly.
    The End.
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      Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

      "How tall am I? With hair, heels, and attitude, honey, I am through the roof!" - RuPaul

      I spend my Mondays with my beautiful niece, in others words I baby sit. Don't get it twisted, I absolutely love to spend time with her, and today we went shopping! I am teaching her well, aren't I?

      First stop: Zara.

      Am I crazy to drive an hour just to visit one of my favorite stores ever? Of course not! My shopping trip was initially to shop for a dress to my high school reunion next month (a decade already, really?), unfortunately, the store did not have the dress I wanted in my size, but not finding my dress did not keep me from finding a few pairs of shoes:

      These shoes remind me so much of the shoes Kim Kardashian wore in Vegas here.

      Next and final stop: Steve Madden

      One word that unites all three shoes? Comfortable and definitely the added height!

      What's in your shoe rack?

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      Surprise, the Birthday Girl is YOU!

      One year ago this month, I took a trip "Up, up & away [with] my beautiful, my beautiful balloon." This past Sunday, my sister made me take a different trip...down memory lane with a surprised birthday party inspired by that exact hot air balloon ride.

      I woke up to this sign on my door...

      My reaction: 
      "Who is this birthday girl and why is she stealing my thunder?!"
      "Oh wait, it's me...it's me???"

      I was completely caught off guard and felt the need to know everything. 
      I don't do well with surprises...but the surprise was worth it.

      Details, details, details. 
      Hand-made hot air balloons, maps, goody bags, chocolate cover pretzels, center pieces, flowers, cake pops, luggage..the list goes on and on. I am so grateful for absolutely everything. My sister did a phenomenal job. Big thanks to all my friends and family for an incredible and memorable evening.