Am I secretly a Betty?

Secret no more! 

I was anxiously waiting for the Archie's Girls collection to debut, and like all good makeup junkies, I did my research on Betty and Veronica's collections before I made any final purchases. I read reviews online, browse You Tube videos, pictures, etc...interestingly enough, Betty's collection caught my eye more than Veronica's. 

Shocking, I know! Not to say that I did, however, purchased Veronica's eyeshadow palette since my makeup collection was lacking purple hues. 

I also managed to make a few other makeup purchases while at the mall. I purchased 3 NYX's soft matte lip creams that I am excited to try out, lipliner, individual lashes and to honor the year of the snake, a very trendy snake ring.

Did you purchase any items from the Archie's Girls collection? 

Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

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Picture obtained from shortboxpodcast.com 


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lasophia said...

I havent seen these! Its been a looong time since I've been to mac. Have you tried Limecrime? They are supposed to be super high pigmented. I bought Maricela one for her bday but dont know how she liked it yet. Sorry I haven't had you over yet, it has snowed a couple of times and melted, then there was the bus crash, then they were on Christopher Dorhner's trail pointing rifles in my car on the way to work omg! I'm starting to hate living off this highway. I hope you are still game to come over one sunny day. I want to see you too. Oh and it snowed the weekend of the run too! I even signed us up online. hijole.