Surprise, the Birthday Girl is YOU!

One year ago this month, I took a trip "Up, up & away [with] my beautiful, my beautiful balloon." This past Sunday, my sister made me take a different trip...down memory lane with a surprised birthday party inspired by that exact hot air balloon ride.

I woke up to this sign on my door...

My reaction: 
"Who is this birthday girl and why is she stealing my thunder?!"
"Oh wait, it's me...it's me???"

I was completely caught off guard and felt the need to know everything. 
I don't do well with surprises...but the surprise was worth it.

Details, details, details. 
Hand-made hot air balloons, maps, goody bags, chocolate cover pretzels, center pieces, flowers, cake pops, luggage..the list goes on and on. I am so grateful for absolutely everything. My sister did a phenomenal job. Big thanks to all my friends and family for an incredible and memorable evening.



Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!


MaryPoppins2 said...

WoW! I know who to call if I ever need a party planner.