Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

"How tall am I? With hair, heels, and attitude, honey, I am through the roof!" - RuPaul

I spend my Mondays with my beautiful niece, in others words I baby sit. Don't get it twisted, I absolutely love to spend time with her, and today we went shopping! I am teaching her well, aren't I?

First stop: Zara.

Am I crazy to drive an hour just to visit one of my favorite stores ever? Of course not! My shopping trip was initially to shop for a dress to my high school reunion next month (a decade already, really?), unfortunately, the store did not have the dress I wanted in my size, but not finding my dress did not keep me from finding a few pairs of shoes:

These shoes remind me so much of the shoes Kim Kardashian wore in Vegas here.

Next and final stop: Steve Madden

One word that unites all three shoes? Comfortable and definitely the added height!

What's in your shoe rack?

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1 comment:

Diana said...

I love the first pair of shoes. Unfortunately i can't wear high heals because i'm on the giraffe side of the population=)