50 Random Facts About Me

    1. In 1985, my then five-year-old aunt's best friend was named Veronica, hence my name.
    2. I named my baby brother after my TV show actor crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
    3. My Mom pressured me to wear makeup. "Make your small eyes stand out a little." Thanks Mom.
    4. I do NOT like stuffed animals. What is their purpose?
    5. I have the biggest sweet tooth in the history of the world.
    6. I do not know how to write in cursive, I only know how to sign my name and even that I would not consider it cursive.
    7. I blocked High School from my memory.
    8. I still have one baby tooth (Lower Central Incisor).
    9. I have two teeth implants, they never grew in (Both Upper Lateral Incisors).
    10. I had my tonsils removed when I was ten.
    11. The first concert I attended was Jaguares.
    12. When I get excited, I sound like Mariah Carey...as in, my voice gets super high pitched, even dogs begin to bark.
    13. Jimmy Fallon is my platonic love.
    14. I do NOT like being the center of attention. Truth.
    15. I did not attend my MBA Commencement Ceremony.
    16. Cooking does not interest me, but eating sure does!
    17. I get carsick very easily, I prefer driving.
    18. My first job was being a 411 operator.
    19. My first kiss was at 19.
    20. I dislike having full conversations via text, just call me.
    21. I have a red birthmark that covers my entire right leg, from my right buttock all the way down to my toes.
    22. I celebrated by 22nd birthday in Cuzco, Peru.
    23. I had sinus surgery when I was 12 years old.
    24. I celebrated my 24th birthday in Tecalitlan, Jalisco, MEX.
    25. One time in Vegas (this never ends well, right?), I had a paparazzi moment...a show I had attended had finished, I was waiting in the lobby and people thought I was the girl in the show. Flashing lights everywhere...please refer to Fact#14.
    26. I auditioned to be a VJ for LATV...and have video to prove it!
    27. I've lost count of how many weddings I've been a part of. I might just be cast for 27 Dresses the sequel.
    28. This is my age.
    29. I've been in four car accidents.
    30. My guitar has been signed by Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Bibi Marin (Reik), Jesus Navarro (Reik), Julio Eguia (Reik), and Jesse y Joy (Spanish Pop Duo).
    31. I would love to meet Thalia one day.
    32. I love banda and mariachi music.
    33. I have a BAD case of arachnophobia...so bad, everyone believes I need therapy.
    34. I can watch all scary movies except...The Exorcist. I think I need therapy for this too, no kidding.
    35. When I was 4, I made the restroom my beauty salon and bribed my sister into cutting her hair. The salon went out of business shortly after.
    36. I think in Spanish, I dream in Spanish, I communicate better in Spanish, in fact, my computer, phone, everything electronic must be switched to the Spanish language.
    37. I was the first in my family to graduate college.
    38. My first plane flight was to Hawaii to celebrate 4th of July with my sister and friends 9 years ago.
    39. I am afraid of heights but LOVE rollercoasters!
    40. Born in Mexico, raised in SoCal.
    41. I'm a huge Anjelah Johnson fan.
    42. I LOVE to sing in my car.
    43. The best michelada I've tasted was in Aguascalientes, Mexico at the Feria Nacional de San Marcos.
    44. I am seeing Sara Bareilles for the first time in concert this September!
    45. I love spending time alone.
    46. I wish I lived in Disneyland.
    47. I've always wanted to be serenaded, just like the old movies in Mexico.
    48. I went to acting school.
    49. I am addicted to coconut milk tea boba.
    50. My favorite flower is the Oriental Lilly.
    The End.
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      Anonymous said...

      Some are hilarious!


      lasophia said...

      Wow! I learned so many things about your body lol. Mine is not interesting at all! I'm like, uh I have stretch marks from being pregnant, cocoa butter doesnt work: myth busted! You are so funny vero, and very interesting.

      organizare nunti si botezuri said...

      How interesting!!! so many new things about you! Thanks for the post :)

      Kenesha Mitchell said...

      Nice V :-) u make me want to do this...write things about myself ...not a blog. Although I'll probably just hang it up in my house