Contando estrellas en Paris...

Love is in the air, now wave your hands like you just don't care! Wait....is that how it goes? Ok, no...but truly, love has been all around me recently. My good friend Sophia (check out her blog here) recently tied the knot, a good friend of mine just got engaged, another friend found her match, and the list goes on and on. Love is something beautiful, isn't it? It sweeps you off your feet when you LEAST expect it. So cliché, I know, but given that this Friday is Valentine's Day, it's totally ok to be a bit cheesy and corny.

Now if only Paris can come sweep me off my feet, now that would be amazing...I'm still waiting, Paris...please don't take too long.

What did I want to accomplish with this outfit? Well, not too sure, but I wanted to have fun with it. I am not the girl to pick out an outfit the night before, I get up in the morning and randomly select garments in my closet that catch my eye. Today, this tulle skirt was screaming for me to take it out for a twirl and be "gone with the wind fabulous!" How did I do?

Here's to hoping that you have a lovely week, with lots of chocolates and flowers. If you don't want the chocolates, please send them my way.

Hat, Top & Cuff Bracelets: Forever 21
Black Tulle Skirt: PB&J Boutique
Heels: Shoemint



allergic to vanilla said...

Ahhh! So Fierce! Love this look on you, I would so wear it! In fact I was debating whether I should of gotten that skirt for my civil wedding day. ;)

xo Carlina

PracticallyPerfectMP said...

Love it! Love the skirt but those shoes are UH-MAY-ZING!!!

DAndhra Bascomb said...

The skirt is doing it for me, girl! YES!

Sophia Salinas said...

I don't think the streets of colton can handle you. Get back in your house girl! Those shoes are hot and you can save the black tulle skirt for your wedding ; )